Sunday, 17 November 2013

Maybelline: The Falsies Review

After Benefit They're real which I wrote about here, I thought things couldn't get much better and wouldn't get much cheaper for me, in the way of mascaras. I had been looking to try The Falsies for a while, as there had been a blogger buzz about it, yet instead I plodded along and spent my £19.50 each time. As much as I loved the product it lacked one major thing, it made my lashes long sure, but also skinny. The only part on my body that I hope to not be skinny. Typical!

After a while I got bored of spending that much money and not being as chuffed as I once was, so I tried Maybelline, The Falsies in Black Drama.
FALSE LASH GLAM IN A TUBE according to Boots.
Sure okay.

But either way at £7.99, which is WAY cheaper then They're Real. I am sold! The wand is curved which is supposed to encourage that fanning out effect. It gives me the length I am looking for, boasts a clump free formula but still gives the volume that I couldn't get from Benefit.
Pretty happy with this mascara and it has been my go to product for a little while now so I had to let you all know about it.

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